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Henry Jenner, a sawyer, b 1790 is a direct ancestor who was born in Sussex (census) and lived first in Woolwich, Kent and then in St Pancras London. Some of his children were baptised in Woolwich around 1815 and at the same time a Charles Jenner and an Andrew Jenner were also having their offspring baptised. As they were the only ones named Jenner it was suspected they were brothers.

Andrew Jenner proved to be an unusual name and his baptism was found in 1788 in Horsham Sussex to Charles and Mary Jenner (IGI). This allowed me to find a baptism for Henry in Battle, Sussex in 1790 to Charles & Mary Jenner (Sussex Baptisms). Other likely baptisms were found in Dover, Linton and Marden, all in Kent.

The family obviously travelled around but who are Charles & Mary Jenner?

The original baptism in Cowfold, Sussex in 1785 of the son, also named Charles Jenner was obtained and this gave the information that the father, Charles Jenner, was a traveller from Reigate, Surrey.

Does anybody know if being a “traveller” has the same meaning as it has today and does anybody else have a Charles Jenner, traveller on their tree?

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