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THOMAS GREGORY father of Thomas b 1754

THOMAS ROSE father of Hannah b circa 1700

ELIZABETH KIRKMAN mother of Hannah b circa 1700

Thomas Gregory was the father of our ancestor George Gregory, who was born in Leyton in 1794.. Thomas’s estimated birth was 1754. When a visit was made to Vestry House we photographed all the Gregory records we could find. What was found was that around 1755 – 1765 there was a couple called Thomas and Hannah (sometimes Anna or Nanny) Gregory having several children baptised in Leyton but not one was called Thomas. This we felt was strange as it was usual for children to be named after their parents and there was a daughter named after the mother. It was likely there was a missing baptism.

Our researches into our ancestors, who lived in Leyton, showed that they had their children baptised locally but were usually married in one of the churches in Central London. We found the marriage of a Thomas Gregory and a Hannah Ross in London in 1753 and they were described as both being from Leyton.

So although we have never managed to find Thomas Gregory’s baptism circa 1754, we feel we have found his family.

As to his mother Hannah Ross there is an IGI entry of a baptism of a Hannah Rose in Leyton in 1730 to a Thomas Rose and Elizabeth. Again looking for a marriage of Thomas Rose and an Elizabeth in London, we established that Hannah’s mother’s maiden name was Kirkman.

We would be very grateful if anybody knows anything that could take our search any further.

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