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George Garrod was born in 1834 Westerfield, Suffolk in 1834 to a family who were agricultural labourers and cattle and horse dealers.

In 1855 he was working as a waiter in the Deptford Kent area and he married in Islington a young widow, Sarah Smith, whose maiden name was Sarah Unsworth. They had a daughter Mary Ann and then moved to Suffolk where Sarah died in 1870..

All that is known about Sarah is from one census and a marriage certificate.

Her marriage certificate gives that she was born 1824 and her father was John Unsworth, silk manufacturer. The census gives that she was born in Lancashire.

I am not used to researching for people in Lancashire , but the census shows a lot of Unsworths that work in weaving, mostly cotton but some silk weaving. However no suitable family was found in the 1851 Census.

However there was a silk industry in London which would shortly collapse. So it was possible that John Unsworth from Lancashire, who might have just been a silk weaver in Lancashire and came to London to set up a business

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