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Randall Trunley lived a long life and was supposedly 99 when he died in Deptford, Kent making his birth be about 1687.

He was a landowner and had lived in the area most of his adult life and was associated with the Haberdasher’s Society through his first wife. Much is known about his life in Deptford, however where he was born remains a mystery.

Recently when looking at his holdings on land maps in the Deptford area it was noticed that a Mr Randall owned land near to Randall Trunley. Which prompted the question –could his mother be a Randall?  Was that where his uncommon Christian name come from?

Other searches we have carried out have been in the County of Stafford as the name Trunley is common there

The IGI gives a Family in Rocester headed by a Radulphi Trunley having children in the 1680s. Radulphi is Latin for Ralph –but there is only one male child Thomas born 1679. Later we found another unnamed male child born to the same family but in Blore Staffordshire in 1689, which matches with Randolph’s birth date. This is intriguing but falls short of proof.

Has anybody information on Randall’s birth?

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