Narrative Pieces


The Knight branch of my ancestry is described from Daniel Knight born about 1630, a baker and inn holder who lived in Luton, Bedfordshire, through other Knight generations in Luton, all middle class, mostly bakers who owned their own flour mills and some noted as “rich man” at their burials. One of  the brothers of a direct ancestor being Daniel Knight 1695 – 1756, who wrote a famous epitaph which is in St Mary’s church Luton.

In about 1770 my 5x great grandfather John Knight left Luton and settled in Tring, Hertfordshire where he married a widow who owned a plumbing and glazing business, Over the years the Knight family flourished in Tring and expanded the business into other sidelines such as manufacturing bottled mineral water and ginger beer.

The story continues past my last direct ancestor Jane Knight who departed Tring in 1842 unto 1901 to the last Knight remaining in Tring, Gwendoline Knight born 1889 who lived to be 100.