Narrative Pieces


Whilst researching my family history it became apparent to me that the docks of East London figured prominently in the lives of many of my family members. They gave my family work and I knew of some of the problems that had affected my family when they were closed, also, as a child I had heard many stories centred around the docks. For these reasons I decided to look a little closer at how the docks came into being, and why they closed, and a little more about the history of the area around the Royal Docks where I lived as a child. It wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive write up, but as I did a little research, I realised that it also led to other factors connected with my upbringing, like the houses we lived in, my schooling and so on. I have therefore included some notes on these items, especially where they relate to my childhood memories.

I hope that, as a whole, it will give my descendants an insight into this part of their family history.

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